Hi ~ I’m Karla

Rod and I have been married over 30 years.  Together with our 2 boys, Chance & Riley, we have built a small ranch in northern Okanogan County between the small towns of Tonasket & Oroville Washington, just a few miles south of the Canadian Border.  We have raised quarter horses, specializing in foundation bred roans.  We also built up a small herd of range cattle.  

Over the years we have had numerous dogs as companions and as working dogs for the Ranch.  We have a lot of experience breeding animals of many kinds and helping raise their precious babies. 

Wildfire k9s about
wildfire k9s

In 2002 I brought home a Belgian Malinois and showed her to her AKC Championship by 2004.  It was so much fun and a wonderful learning experience.  We have had many Border Collies to help out on the ranch moving the cattle from pasture to pasture.  Another of our past favorites is the Dalmatian.  We will again soon have one of these and they are a family favorite because they can go anywhere with us.  We love to trail ride and go camping. 

In 2016 we introduced English Bulldogs to the Ranch.   We have enjoyed learning about and loving our bulldogs.  Bulldogs have such a fun-loving personality. 

In the past we have had Great Pyrenees as the Ranch Guardian dog to keep the coyotes away from the goats and calves.  After losing our old girl Petra in 2017 we brought home Kelsey, a Bernese Mountain Dog, to become our new ranch guardian.  Although Kelsey thinks she is a house dog she does great at hanging around the ranch and keeping those coyotes in the hills. 

We welcome visitors to the ranch to talk horses or dogs.