Trigger SharpShooters

(UK import)

  DOB July 12th, 2018

Sire:  Unique Predator

Dam:  Fabulouz Darla

HUU n/n  –  DM  n/n   HC  n/n  – CMR1  n/n

Cystinuria – Type 3 clear

NW Bullies Blue and Brazen

Blue Brindle   DOB Sept 10,2017

Brazen is available for stud. 

HUU n/n  –  DM  n/n

JHC  n/n  – CMR1  1 copy

MW Wildfire Hershey

DOB May 10, 2021

Chocolate Merle

Fluffy Carrier 

Almost old enough to work….

Hershey lives in Iowa

The Girls

NW Bullies Royal Blue Diva  

Blue Fawn

HUU n/n – DM  n/n

JHC  n/n – CMR1  n/n


Black Brindle

HUU n/n  –  DM  n/n


Abby with Aspen (Bernese Mtn Dog pup)

MW Wildfire Abby

Sable Fluffy Carrier

DOB Dec 25, 2020



Sire:  Lewy

Dam:  Rylee

Nika is an Urkaine Import.  She does have AKC papers.  Nika has merle ears so will produce merle puppies.  

Nika Chalo

Fawn Merle

HUU n/n  –  DM  n/n

JHC  n/n  – CMR1  1 copy

OFA Hips & Patellas – Normal

                        Pistol & Georgie

Wildfire’s Lil Pistol Annie

HUU n/n  –  DM  1 copy

JHC  n/n  – CMR1  n/n


Wildfire’s Sweet Cream Honey

DOB Oct 28, 2020

Sire:  SCFB Cremoso Blue Cream Quad

Dam:  Makita

HUU n/n  –  DM  n/n – CMR1  n/n

ee kyky Dd BB NN

Venice Night AY Yurekden

Ukraine Import

DOB June 5, 2019

Sire:  Krutaya Staya Ustoyat Nevozhmozhno

Dam:  Hennessi AY Yurekden

HUU n/n  –  DM  n/n – CMR1  n/n

EmEm kyky aya DD NN BB

WF Dazzling Diamonds Bling

DOB April 20, 2020

Sire: Medina’s Sebastian

Dam:  Ervin’s Chaotic Kona Bear

Bling is coming to Washington to have her 1st litter.  Due April 12th     Bred to Rebel, Lilac male

MW Wildfire’s Burning Sage

DOB Dec 20, 2020

Sire: Trigger Sharpshooters

Dam:  NW Bullies Royal Blue Diva

HUU n/n, CMR1 n/n, DM n/n

Sage lives in Iowa